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D i s c o v e r S o u t h e r n M a r y l a n d
Gracie's Guys and Gals, owned by Grace Myles, is located in
Hollywood Maryland. They are celebrating 33 years in business
this year! Grace took dance classes as a child and studied dance
and elementary education in college. She has taken master
classes at many locations including Broadway Dance Center in
NYC and Rhapsody of Taps in Los Angeles. Her accomplishments
include choreographing, "Mistletoe Magic", "Anything Goes", "The
Project", "School House Rock", "Godspell", "Beauty and the Beast"
and her own musical "Holly Jolly Christmas". She has also shared
her talent by teaching master classes across the United States.
Her entire staff has very impressive backgrounds and have all
participated in helping make this studio very successful. We
wanted to learn a little bit more about this upbeat, fun dance
studio, and thankfully Grace was able to spare some time from
her busy schedule to answer a few questions.
"Grace Myles, Owner"
DSM: Do you only offer competitive dance?
Grace: We offer recreational and competitive classes, in all disciplines of dance,
including tap, ballet, pointe, jazz, hip hop, contemporary and beginner
gymnastics, along with Drumming and Body Percussion! We start at age 2 and go
up through adults.
DSM: Where have some of your competitive dancers ended up in the dance
Grace: Our show troupe "GG Show Troupe" has been awarded many overall top
scores, choreography, crowd pleaser, and entertainment awards on both a
regional and national level. Many kids compete in a solo/duo/trio category as
well, and have received adjudications from high gold, platinum all the way up to
diamond, or grand slam! At 'Beyond the Stars' National Competition in 2019 our
production routine "Working Rhythms' received the Stellar Award which is given
to the highest scoring routine that a competition presents. We have danced at
Walt Disney World, Taps Alive, DC Tap Festival, and have traveled to Nashville,
Daytona Beach, Lancaster, and Cape May. My show troupe mostly competes in
the advanced level and also dances at many community endeavors like the
Spring Fest, the County Fair, Christmas on the Square for the lighting of the
Christmas Tree, and many other local charitable events such as Hospice and at
Nursing Homes. I feel it's important to give back to the community, plus it gives
the kids an opportunity to share their talents with others. We also have an
annual recital, which has become difficult to find a facility during the pandemic.
"Beyond The Stars National Finals
"The Ticket to Broadway
DSM: Is there a particular style of dance you personally favor over the others? Why?
Grace: I personally favor tap dancing, it has always been my favorite discipline of dance. Tap dance is percussion, and I love
creating rhythms with my feet. Plus tap dancing is so creative, upbeat and happy. Tap dancing is a passion that generates in
your soul and continues down to the soles of your feet. I love hearing syncopated rhythms by tap dancing. We are known for
our tap dance in the dance community but we are becoming upcoming hip hop rock stars as well! The show troupe is
required to take ballet which is essential in every dancer's curriculum plus many technique classes, even though we usually
just compete tap dance, hip hop and contemporary. All of the technique classes help enhance a dancers ability to perform
tap and all the other disciplines of dance.
DSM: What has been your favorite thing about owning a dance studio?
Grace: My favorite part of owning a dance studio is being able to share my passion of dance to upcoming generations.
Dancing is just as important as going to school, as it can restore joy and stability in lives, especially now with the pandemic,
parents and kids are blessed to have a safe outlet for their kids. I've enjoyed the opportunity to have an influence on kids and
the community and to try to have a positive impact on kids, always encouraging them to do the right thing, and to be the
best they can be in everything they pursue. In show troupe when the kids prepare for competition, it offers intense training,
performance opportunities, learning to be a good sport, plus the excitement of sharing their talents as well as recognizing
and appreciating other people's talents in the dance community.
DSM: What are the qualities you hope all of your dancers gain and carry throughout life from being a part of your studio?
Grace: It is my goal that each student will gain confidence and learn to be team players by taking dance at my studio. It's not
just about teaching dance but emphasizing to the kids to always strive to make a notable difference in people's lives and
always doing their best. I've had many students keep in touch with me years after they've left the studio to thank me about
things they learned while taking dance. Teaching dance, being enthusiastic about learning new challenges, practicing and
perfecting skills, giving back to the community, dealing with disappointments, respecting others, and learning to take
responsibility, is all part of our curriculum. I try to be motivating and inspiring to the kids, and strive to make a notable
difference in people's lives to hopefully make a lasting impression.
Right "Beyond
The Stars
National Finals
Grace and her staff try to make their studio stand out
from the others by taking the time to do special things
for their students. For example, every Valentine's Day
they decorate the studio and hold a Father-Daughter
Dance. Last year (before the pandemic) they held Spirit
Week where each show troupe group made a sign and
wore blue and white, the studio colors, to have fun and
generate inspiration and motivation before their first
competition. It turned out to be their only competition
last year due to the pandemic. To create a little fun this
past Halloween, they let the kids wear costumes to class
and they made their own pumpkin craft. At Christmas
they were part of a virtual Christmas Show for the Town
of Leonardtown. They decorated their studio, and
choreographed and videotaped a three minute routine
which was submitted for their virtual presentation prior
to Christmas. The studio usually does a Holly Jolly Lip
Sync Contest each year, and the kids make up their own
lip sync routines. They have judges and give out trophies
and cash prizes. They also have costume characters,
like Santa Mouse, that are part of the Christmas Holly
Jolly Show! This show troupe fundraiser is open to the
To find out more about this incredible dance studio, you
can visit them at,
on FB at /Gracies-Guys-and-Gals-Dance-Studio, IG
@graciesdancestudio or email
Above "Holly Jolly Lip Sync"
Left "Santa Mouse"
Left "Spirit Week"
Island Breeze Art
Spread, Gather
and Graze
When News Matters,
It Matters Where You Get Your News.
Marilyn and her husband Brent Boswell started Hypnotique Ink
about 3 years ago, based solely on their love of art and tattoos. They
have 6 creative and talented artists, Brent, Hector, Riq, Noble,
James, and Drew and consider themselves all family. Their shop
prides itself on contributing to and giving back to the community
through the local Children's Aid Society. They hold food drives, back
to school drives and help with the Society's Christmas connection
every year. Their passion for art, especially skin art, is what drives
them every day. Their team is supportive and loves to help each other
improve every day to create beautiful and everlasting memories for
their clients.
Marilyn says, "We offer tattoos, henna, tooth bling, and piercings. We
also host the Southern Maryland Tattoo Expo. The only one of it's
kind in our area. It gives local artists from the DMV and beyond the
chance to showcase their talents and different styles. It allows each
artist to learn from each other and learn new techniques, not to
mention making new friends."
When asked what is most rewarding about what they do and her
favorite moment so far, Marilyn said, "Honestly, our entire journey has
been an amazing one, filled with ups and downs. However, I believe
that our shop having the opportunity to move into the St. Charles
Towne Center mall has been one of the more exciting times. We have
met and made so many new friends and new clients. With 4000
square feet of open space, artist booths, guest artists, love, and
family it truly makes our days fun."
Marilyn concluded by saying, "Tattoos aren't just tattoos, they have a
meaning to each person. They tell a story of that person's life, their
ups and downs, births and deaths, favorite sports teams , ect. Many
people still frown on those who have tattoos, we believe that
everyone is entitled to their opinions and we simply say "You hang
your art, We wear ours". God willing, we hope to expand in the future
to other states and grow as a family, a shop, and a team.
Hypnotique Ink is located in the St Charles Towne Center Mall on the
upper level, open 7 days a week. They accept walk-ins and
appointments. Visit them on Instagram @Hypnotique Ink and
Facebook Hypnotique Ink .
largest organ of our whole body. It tells
a story and I can help you read that
story given the chance. So much of
what our skin is showing through our
complexion shares internal messages
our body is sending us.
DSM: What made you decide to open
your own salon?
Bethani: I decided to open my own
salon because I wanted to take what I
have learned over my career to the
next level and push forward my vision
of all the things I found to be good from
the places I have worked along the
way. Having the ability to share what I
know, make decisions and see those
ideas through, on a business level, felt
like a very natural next step. I have the
opportunity to support our community's
need for self care without boundaries. I
can set a standard of goodness and
quality while maintaining a reasonable
price point for the areas consumer. So
they can truly be able to care for their
grooming needs as well as their skin
and body needs on a regular basis
instead of only special occasions.
DSM: What are some newly introduced
techniques and trends your salon
Bethani: I believe one of our ground
breaking options we offer that you
typically do not find other places, is our
couple's program. We have a service
that focuses on you and your partner's
body's needs. It can be booked as a
party with coupled groups or as a
private session with only you and your
significant other. Instead of signing up
for a traditional couple's massage we
actually give you an informative
session with a quick 101 of the
muscles and massage techniques.
Bethani Printz, the owner of
Centennial Street Salon and Spa, is a
licensed Cosmetologist and
Aesthetician. Bethani's knowledge
gives her the ability to evaluate and
create skin regimen care in her salon's
treatment room and the expertise to
customize at home skin regimen care
to reduce many skin concerns.
DSM: How long have you been in this
Bethani: I have been in the beauty
industry for 25 years. I began in the
Cosmetology Vocational program
offered through Charles County Public
schools in my 10th grade year. After
receiving my Maryland Cosmetology
license I began working in a Day Spa
doing hair and nail services. I had an
opportunity to meet aestheticians who
are trained specifically to care for your
skin and perform body treatments. As
my love and passion grew for the skin
world, I decided to put myself through
aesthetics school at World Renowned
Von Lee School of Aesthetics and
became a Certified Aesthetician in
2004. I have worked for two doctors
gaining medical aesthetic knowledge
performing chemical peels, micro-
dermabrasion, dermaplaning and
assisting with tattoo removal, botox and
laser hair removal. I currently work
therapeutically caring for people's skin
care needs away from a doctor setting.
After beginning my training in skin, I
knew I had found my passion. I feel that
skin and body care is one of the most
important ways to improve not just your
complexion but your mood. It's an over
looked key component to what the
average person is missing from their
daily tasks and I want to spread the
knowledge I have learned about the
Then we tailor the session and
concentrate on each partners specific
areas of concerns, teaching you through
hands-on guided help from our licensed
therapist, how to care for those needs.
We help you learn how to massage one
another so you can give a better neck,
shoulder or even foot massage at home!
Let's face it, we all know we have at
least heard of someone who wishes
their partner would do a better job at
getting the kink out of your neck. We can
also give you tools and tips on how to be
more effective on days when you just
can't make it to an appointment to see a
The beauty trends in this business are
ever changing and we have a generation
of very witty consumers. Our client's are
mindful, they are informed, and they
have knowledge at their fingers tips.
With that in mind we have created fresh
looks loaded to social media on a
regular basis with fresh content of our
latest happenings.
Centennial Street Salon & Spa
Full Service Salon and Day Spa in the heart of La Plata
We have product lines that are leaders
in the hair and skin industry hand
selected with a conscious mindset. I
don't want to just stock products for
people to purchase. I want my client's
to have the ability to access not just
good ingredients but clean ones. With
everything the average person is
stressing about in their daily lives I
want to be a sanctuary where they
don't have to think or worry. We truly
care about them and their well being. I
selected products to use and sell that
are cruelty-free, vegan, will not irritate,
and made from things we actually
understand. They are beneficial and
not harmful, all while keeping the
Earth's wellbeing in mind during the
making of these products as well. And
most importantly, we learn! We never
stop learning and being inspired by
new inventors and artists. We take
time to dedicate ourselves to
expanding upon what the foundation of
our services bring the clients. Classes
and hands on work to re-create that
new beautiful pinterest style comes by
learning and always growing so we
can give that look to you. We can help
you achieve your self care goals
through the body work or skin
complexion dream.
DSM: Who has impacted you the most
in your career and how?
Bethani: Middle Class workers and
stay at home parents have impacted
me the most in my career. Coming
from a middle class family and having
been a stay at home mother and
raised by primarily a stay at home
mother, I recognized the need for the
industry to shift a bit and become more
obtainable. I don't believe hair services
are something people should have to
wish for. A husband who wants to
surprise his wife of 5 children with a
facial and body massage should not
be out of his price point. If someone
has been injured through an accident
or a muscle disorder, they should be
able to obtain regular therapeutic
services to relieve their body. You can
not put a monetary value on what we
as providers are capable of doing for
the clients but we
can make sure we become something
that begins a regular part of their life
long goal for self care. The services
we offer are not only for the elite or
high class person, we serve everyone.
We have price points to reflect the
compassion and ethical value of the
needs of each person of this
community. We want people to not just
get their facial, we want them to make
caring for their skin part of their "me
time" everyday. A mental release to
wash away the headaches of the day
and leave with a fresh cut, new toe
polish, a new found appreciation for
their body and some good
conversation with an amazing self
care provider. We want to care for
everyone. You, your aunt, your
children, their children, your
grandparents, your husband, your best
friend and all the people who are
important in your life.
DSM: A client has frizzy or damaged
hair, what would you recommend?
Bethani: There are a number of
reasons that create frizz or damage.
Bond builders, amino acids, keratin,
smoothing serums, heat protectors,
masks and good old fashion shampoo
and conditioner for daily use are all
good places to start depending on the
individuals hair care needs. Our salon
has something to cure all hair
ailments. Some client's have naturally
frizzy hair, in that case if they wanted
a more semi permanent cure I would
recommend our Brazilian Blowout or
Brazilian Blowout Express service. It is
customizable and can completely
straighten your hair or maintain texture
without frizz. It is a beneficial service
rather than a chemical that harms the
hair. Amino Acids are applied to the
hair creating a shiny, lustrous bubble
around each and every hair strand
lasting up to 4-15 weeks depending on
the treatment of choice. It is good for
extremely thick course and curly hair
as well as fragile, thin fine hair types
and everyone in between. It's a helper
service which protects and improves
the integrity of a person's hair. For
someone who has undergone alot of
chemical services and perhaps has
even experienced chemical breakage
we have patented products that focus
on bringing the elasticity back to life,
and filling the hair shaft back up with
needed proteins and restoring
moisture to their hair health again.
DSM: How do you stay updated on the
latest trends?
Bethani: I keep us up to date on the
latest trends by first and foremost
surrounding us with people who are
professionals. Anyone can read
something online but is it true?
Coming from a platform where we
have to be highly skilled, and highly
knowledgeable, that results in us
needing training by serious product
leaders, and salon successors who
have been leading our business's
growth, and artists who are at the top
of their game with the ability to inspire
us. The people we choose to follow
and choose to educate us, are people
who take this industry seriously and
have put forward the effort to reach for
the top. We also have in salon training
with virtual learning, hands on learning
from nationally accredited educators of
brands we have developed a
relationship with, and trainers
recognized as creditable individuals to
obtain information.
Centennial Street Salon and Spa is
located at 6780 Crain Hwy
La Plata, Maryland. You can find them
online at, on
FB /centennialst and IG
and volunteering at Potato Planting and Harvesting Days.
Since the pandemic, Sotterley pivoted to provide many of
its programs in a virtual format. In the upcoming year,
visitors will be able to take part in programs both virtually
and in-person, and a library of past virtual events is
maintained on its website. Education Programs also
pivoted to virtual platforms to support teachers and
schools, and virtual offerings will continue as a new
resource even when in-person learning is again possible.
2021 represents a milestone for Historic Sotterley. 25
years ago, Sotterley was named one of the “11 Most
Endangered Historic Places in America” by the National
Trust for Historic Preservation. From being a site which
almost was lost due to lack of funding, to becoming one
which today is an exceptional
educational and cultural resource to its local, regional and
national community. Sotterely’s journey is a testament to
the site’s resilience – a trait embodied by so many of those
whose lives and stories it represents.
If you are interested in visiting, volunteering, or joining a
Sotterley program or event, visit or call 301-373-2280.
Historic Sotterley is a 300-year-old National Historic
Landmark and unique keeper of our shared history. It has
94 acres with sweeping vistas overlooking the Patuxent
River, 20 historic structures including an 1830’s Slave
Cabin and Manor House dating to 1703, Colonial Revival
Gardens, miles of trails, a farm that helps those less
fortunate in our community, and more. Sotterley’s stories
are those of all who lived and worked here: the enslaved,
owners, and post-emancipation laborers. It is a complex
history which the site is dedicated to telling honestly and
holistically, and it is a UNESCO, The United Nations
Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Site of
Memory for the Slave Route Project. Its Descendant’s
Project has over 200 self-identified descendants from 34
states, and its Common Ground Initiative seeks to foster
understanding and dialogue, with a goal of healing
Sotterley’s grounds are open for relaxation and recreation
all year long, but it also offers guided tours from May
through October, exhibits, formal education programs,
many cultural events such as its acclaimed Speaker Series
and Common Ground programs, a variety of special
events such as Riverside WineFest, and a Growing for
Good program that donates food to local food pantries.
Incredible volunteers support much of what Sotterley
does, from helping to maintain its gardens, to being a
docent, working in the Museum Store, helping with
special events, a